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The  EVD-3000 &    E3500


Built to satisfy IS0-9002 standards and has been specifically designed for search applications which require immediate detection and location of concealed explosives. ighing under 7lbs, the EVD-3000 allows security personnel to quickly detect and locate a wide variety of explosive devices including organ nitrate and plastic based explosives.

Simple to Use:

The EVD-3000 requires no special operator training and is ready for operation within one minute from turn on.

A simple PUSH of a button automatically activates the sampling and analysis mode. Results are displayed on an easy to read LCD.

The EVD-3000 also features an adjustable audio alarm.

The EVD-3000 is designed for the detection of both commercial and military explosives including RDX and PETN. The EVD-3000 is the most sensitive explosive's detector in its class.

Full Portability: The unit is powered from rechargeable 12 VDC battery cartridges and does not require carrier gas or extraneous supplies.

The EVD-3000 is the first truly portable explosives detector with complete explosives detection capabilities.

Features: Rapid response

High sensitivity

No external gases required

No special operator training

Detection of RDX and PETN

Uses Re-chargeable batteries

No Radioactive source needed

Less than 3 kg in weight




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