The Trilogy T-3 

Stand Alone Door Access System with an Audit Trail of users

 The Solution to keyless entry or exit










Features multiple security levels that surpass even the most discriminating consumer needs.



Press all the right buttons to get your foot in the door



Now with data logging capabilities for all users

Know precisely who came and went by time and date

Used for all (exit and entry) doors


Logging by:

time and date

Plus access scheduling


Rugged Self contained 5 AA alk battery powered,features audible and visual low battery alert


Features: 300 user codes

4 Security Levels: Master, Sub-Master, Manager, Basic user

4 programming level

3,4,5,6 digit codes

4 user groups

1 Time emergency or service code

Real time clock maintains accuracy to within 3 minutes per year

Time Zones

150 scheduled events lock/unlock,

code disable/enable auxiliary output

4 quick schedules of the most common events

100 % fingertip Programmable or PC

Non volatile Memory

1600 Event Log

Passage Mode Enabled by Masters and Masters codes

Error checking with extensive keypad programming reduces errors


ADA Compliant Lever Set for either right or left hinged doors

UL Listed electronically controlled single point lock





Optional DL# 3000 Hand held Printer


Optional Hand Held AL1R1 Infrared Printer may be used to print out the event log and the user codes. Audit trail Logs entries to PC or Printer. Can be used to collect LOG information from up to 48 locks before returning to the PC.


Also available DL windows Software Windows format software for easy programming. Scheduling and log viewing.




Operation: Clutch mechanism permits turning lever without retracting latch and reduces stress on flex drive motor


Works on Door thickness of 1" 5/8" to 1" 7/8"Back set

2 3/4" standard Door


Door Prep: Standard 2" 1/8" Lock Bore

1" latch bore



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Equipment Pricing:


Trilogy T-2  Item # 43567 without audit trail capabilities  -call for pricing



 Trilogy T-3 Item # 43568 dull chrome or polished chrome -call for pricing

dull/chrome /polished chrome,additional call for price

 Trilogy T-3 Item # 43578   ,antique brasss, polished brass, door natiqua


 weather proof model available: call


Dl-3000 Item # 43542 hand held Printer -call for pricing

Pricing doesnot include freight

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