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 Satin Anodized No-Draft 11-1/2 Mail Slot

No-Draft Mail Slot is designed to keep out the weather as well as dust and dirt. The  No-Draft Mail Slot has two door flaps, both spring loaded and weather-stripped, as well as an internal brush strip for greater insulation and privacy. Both the external and internal flaps open to 135 for easy access as well as both have durable nylon torsion rods instead of springs to keep both flaps tightly shut. Made from high impact ABS plastic and anodized aluminum, the  No-Draft Mail Slot will not rust or tarnish over time. Easy to install by simply running a bead of silicone on both the interior and exterior sleeves and attaching each side to the glass around the 10-1/4 inch (260 millimeter) wide x 1-7/8 inch (47.6 millimeter) high cutout. Glass Fabrication is required. Instructions are included.


Model  MSSA clear anodized  mail slot  $ 119.00 


Model MSDB  Dark Bronze  Finish Mail slot  $ 129.00


estimate shipping  UPS Ground  $ 12.00 to 15.00 delivered in the US  




Polished Chrome Finish Frameless Mail Slot

 MS500-CH  $ 106.00 PLUS FREIGHT




Deluxe Thru-Glass Video/DVD Drop

Full Size Opening Directs Video Tapes to Collection Bin

Brushed Stainless Steel Face Plate

Installs in 1/4" (6 mm) Glass

The   Deluxe Thru-Glass Video Tape Drop allows customers to return videos after business hours while maintaining store security.

The unit fits through a cut-out in the glass and clamps together by tightening four screws. Brushed stainless steel face place has an 8-1/2 inch (216 millimeters) wide x two inch (51 millimeters) high deposit slot backed by a spring loaded flap that helps reduce air infiltration. A detachable rear chute cover provides additional security, and has a removable spring loaded bar at the base for attachment of the vinyl slide to gently and safely direct videos to your collection bin.

 DVD82  $ 495.00 PLUS FREIGHT

In glass mail Slots

Note: These units are designed to work with 1/4" Plate Glass Only

These units can not be used on Tempered Glass

Or Glass that is Sealed with a Gas Barrier


5" x 18" Satin Anodized Finish Package Drop Slot Model  9518A  or dura bronze  9518DURA FINISH

Inside dimensions are 14" 1/16 x 17"


THE Aluminum Package Slots are a wider version of our Deluxe Mail Slots.

They are preferred in facilities where larger parcels such as manuscripts, legal briefs, computer tapes and discs are delivered.

Designed to fit into glass doors or side lites glazed with 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) glass.

The flap is spring loaded to return to the closed position. A turn latch on the flap allows for securing the flap at night, or when not in use.

Units are available in the following  sizes  and two finishes


Add $ 10.00  to the prices below for Dark- Bronze finish 





  Opening Size/ Price

  3-9/16  X   11 /  SP9412/ PRICE 98.00

 3-1/16 X 13  / SP9414/ PRICE $ 99.00

 3-1/16 X 15 --SP9416/ PRICE $ 102.00

 3-1/16 X 17 --SP-9418A /  PRICE  $ 103.00

4-1/16 X 13 --SP9514/ PRICE $ 100.00

4-1/16 X 15 --SP9516/ PRICE $ 104.00

4-1/16 x 17--SP9518 / Price $ 108.00

10 X 8-1/4 Inch / SP300A $ 198.00

4-1/4 X 8-7/8-SP522A/ PRICE  $ 112.00

 4-1/4 X 11-1/2--SP532A/ PRICE $ 136.00




In glass Small Mail Slots

Note: These units are designed to work with 1/4" Plate Glass Only

These units can not be used on Tempered Glass

Or Glass that is Sealed with a Gas Barrier


11-3/8 X 11-11/16" Opening Satin Anodized Finish Package Slot with Left Hinged Clear View Door

The  Clear View Package Door provides an unobstructed view of items to be passed before door is opened. It is glazed with 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) clear glass, and includes 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) vinyl for glazing the frame in the cut-out. Spring loaded metal latch for security and years of reliable service. Available in Satin Anodized or Duranodic Bronze finishes. Hinged left or right from clerk side.

SP1213Ld  $ 239.00  PLUS UPS ground  FREIGHT





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