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  Package passers  with  Prime Steel Doors or Stainless Steel Door or with vision Panel door

The  Package Pass thru with Steel Doors is designed for the transfer of larger items. thru walls .

 A special interlocking mechanism between the interior and exterior door allows only one door to be opened at a time.

A separate bar lock for the exterior door can be activated from the inside.

A closer is furnished on the exterior door.

The unit will mount in walls up to 11-1/2 inch (292 millimeter) thick,

  requires a 15-1/2 inch (394 millimeter) wide x 15-1/2 inch (394 millimeter) high wall opening.

Units are available with prime painted housing and prime painted doors,

or with prime painted housing and stainless steel doors.


Bullet Resistant  Level 1 or   Level 3  Pass thru are available 


 Package Pass thru  with Prime Painted Steel Door      Level 1 

 Package Pass thru  with     Stainless Steel Door Protection    Level 1   


  Package Pass thru  with Prime Painted Steel Door Protection   Level 3

 Package Pass thru with Stainless Steel Door Protection   Level 3 



Package Pass thru with Clear Vision Panel Door  Level 1 Protection  


  Package Pass thru with Clear Vision Panel Door Level 3 Protection 

 With  a  Clear Bullet Resistant viewing Panel on Inner Door for Inspection Before Opening


They feature a 12 inch (305 millimeter) wide x 10 inch (254 millimeter) high vision panel in the interior door.

This enables the operator to see the contents inside the unit.

The level one unit is glazed with 1-1/4 inch (44 millimeter) acrylic. 

Note: only one door opens at a time for safety





Clear Vision Left Hand  or Right Hand  Package Pass thru   with  Bullet Protection Level 1 Protection

Level 1 Bullet Protection OR LEVEL 3

Contents Are in Full-View to Clerk Without Opening Inner Door

Interlocking Mechanism

Clear Package Transfer Unit is designed for interior use only.

Satin finish aluminum extrusions are used to fasten the sides and bottom together.

Bottom is constructed of plywood and bullet resistant fiberglass covered with plastic laminate.

A special interlocking mechanism allows only one door to open at a time.

Closer furnished on customer side door.

Contents can be clearly viewed from the top and all four sides. Handing is determined by hinge placement on customer's side

  Clear Package Pass thru in  Level 1  Rated  Protection  

Call for Pricing

  Clear Package Pass thru      Level 3  Rated  Protection  


Pass thru Troughs

A Trough Designed to easily Transfer Items

from one side of a wall to another


Flange   Units-contain a molding that fits around the face of this unit

this mounts flush with the exterior walls  which can be up to 9" thick



Pictured without flange on face


All stainless steel Pass Thru troughs  mounts on counter top, in wall or window opening.

This Pas Thru Trought  is the perfect way to complete transactions when security is a concern.

Simple to operate.

The clerk effortlessly pushes outward on the handle and the Trough  pivots towards the customer

Then the clerk gently pulls inward and is able to retrieve the items placed inside the Trough


The perfect Pass-Thru for convenience stores, gas stations, financial institutions, police stations, jails or detention centers.

the Device pivots outward for customer access, then in opposite direction for operator access.


Only one moving part allows virtually maintenance free service.

Pass Thru  is equipped with weather strip for exterior use.

Standard models provide Class I bullet resistant protection. Class III protection is an extra option call for pricing


Pass Thru Wall Transfer Units are available with or Without a flange

which means non flange units have to be mounted by securing with screws from the inside 

flange models are welded  with flanges on one side and adjustable to the wall depth on opposite side for any wall thickness


 Flange Model  Units

  Pass thru Trough with flange  Level one bullet resistance 16" wide x  8"deep x  10-1/8 " high    

 Pass thru Trough  with Flange    Level one bullet resistance 18 wide x 9" deep x  12 high    

NON Flange Units

   Without Flange Model  Level one bullet resistance 16 wide x 9" deep x  11 high 

 Without Flange Model Thru Wall  Level one bullet resistance 18 wide x 9" deep x  12 high 


Call for Pricing or email us your request

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Transaction Windows with a Combination Deal Tray and a  Package Pass Through Box

Available in Custom Sizes

This single light window unit is for interior use only.

Window has a natural voice transmission unit. this is referred to as a backer unit

Available with amplified voice intercoms that mount in the speak hole for noisy environments

 Deal tray is provided for currency transactions while package passer handles larger items for transfer.

Choice of plastic laminate on shelf. Choice of glazing. Level 1  to level 3

 Frame available in clear  aluminum   or dark bronze anodized finish almost black 

Custom sizes available.

Available with a Lazy Suzan  instead of the Box pass thru for Passing Larger Items  see below


This double light window unit is for interior use only.

Window has natural voice transmission inside aluminum frame.

Deal tray is provided for currency transactions while Lazy Susan pass thru handles larger items for transfer.

 Choice of plastic laminate on shelf.

Choice of glazing.

Frame available in clear or dark bronze anodized finish.

Overall size is 36" wide x 36" high.
Other Custom sizes  are available upon request



 Pal  pass thru is ideally suited for drive-up service.

The pivoting shelf with Lexan doors turns outward to customer and inward to operator



Lazy Susan for interior use only, available in ballistic level I, allows plain view of contents.


For drive-up or walk-up service, Safety  Server

provides bullet resistant protection while holding energy loss to a minimum. It allows no direct entry of outside air into the building.

Major Credit Cards Accepted


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